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"Referral Blast has proven itself to us as the leader of all online marketing tools. Our internal Web statistics confirm that Referral Blast has been steadily and vastly contributing to the number of unique user sessions at the site. Your marketing tool would be an asset to any Web site."
~ Phillip K., Internet Services Coordinator
Pathmark Stores
"I just wanted to say thank you for introducing us to Referral Blast. The setup took only 15 minutes and was very easy to do. We have already gotten responses!"
~ Smruti P., Sales Manager
Quality Inn & Suites
"The use of Referral Blast on more than 11 RE/MAX Web sites in Europe and Israel has yielded a very lucrative stream of additional targeted traffic. The response from our visitors has been nothing less than exceptional, and increased our daily Web site traffic."
~ Han Tuttel, Director ICT Services
"Many thanks. Your company is GREAT! The referral program is really working
for us."
~ Johv Gold, Owner
Manhattan Fruitier

"Your customer service and customized design work was top notch. You really came through with our promotion! The referral form looked great. We will definitely use referralblast again."
~ Justin M. Baer, Founder & Publisher

"You have exceeded my expectations in terms of service delivery, technical support and ease of use. Thanks again for all of your help and excellent service during this process!"
~ Rachel Milan, Director, Marketing & Community Investment
The Teachers Credit Union

"One word, WOW! We are so impressed with Referral Blast. In looking for new ways to generate traffic and referrals, we were recommended to look into Referral Blast. I can go on and on about the service that this provides for our website and potential customers, but equally as impressive is the Referral Blast staff. They are amazing. It was so easy and quick, unlike a lot of other companies out there. Literally, our program was up and running in no time, with great design work. Steve was so prompt and efficient. I recommend Referral Blast to so many people, especially the upgrades. You have to go with the Custom or Custom Enhanced and get all the bells and whistles with this one! It is inexpensive and well worth it. Looking forward to more and more traffic, thanks to Referral Blast!"
~ Sandy Crossen, Marketing Director
Pro White Teeth
"Thanks for your wonderful service. We treasure it. Referral Blast has introduced thousands of people to our non-profit website."
~ Ed Mitchell
"We have used Referral Blast for many years and have found your services to be excellent. It looks outstanding and blends perfectly with our site. Most importantly, our customers love it! Thanks much!"

~ Doug Gillis, President
Wild West Electronics

"We've been using the Referral Blast service for almost 2 months now and we are extremely happy with what it's producing. Thanks for all of your work in helping to make this service a success on our web site."

~ Mez Djouadi, Webmaster, Media Research Center


"Although I have no knowledge of web development I was able to get it up and running within several minutes of receiving the confirmation email. Definitely an invaluable tool for any organization with a website!"

~ Fiona Irfan, Office Administrator
Cyber-Quest Solutions


"We LOVE Referral Blast's layout and user-friendly referral system! It has proven itself time and time again as a great way for our site to generate additional traffic and sales based on its grassroots user-targeted approach. Being an expert in the field of sales and marketing, I can easily say that Referral Blast is the ULTIMATE word-of-mouth internet marketing tool!"
~ David Pan, Marketing Director
CRM Software
"Our New York City-based salon has many famous clients such as Jennifer Aniston, Cher and Naomi Campbell.  Needless to say our reputation and image are our most important assets.  We chose Referral Blast because of its strong anti-spam/anti-harvest policies and professional look and feel."
~ Jack Cabasso, Vice-President of Marketing
Mario Badescu Skin Care
"I can't think of a more cost effective, easier way to bring new people to our site - we set up the code in a few minutes.  We think Referral Blast Pro is great and have been suggesting it to colleagues as a "no brainer" for Web site promotion!"
~ Anthony Finta, Web Site Owner
Caribbean Online Travel Agency
"Referral Blast has really simplified our marketing efforts! I use it to email individuals in various companies and they assist in the marketing of our services by spreading the word to their colleagues. I like receiving the short Referral Blast confirmations every time someone recommends our site."
~ Lela Klajman, Web Site Owner & CEO
Beacon Environmental
"We are very pleased with the return on investment of this product and would strongly recommend this product for other businesses that rely on word of mouth."
~ Angie Chan-Geiger, Web Site Owner
Shoes to Die For
"I just wanted to say thanks for the no-charge support helping me install Referral Blast onto my web site and being patient while I received many phone calls and left you on hold. I'm very bad when it comes to computers but I know the importance of word of mouth. My site may be new but the concept isn't. Thank you once again."
~ Jon Anderson, Owner
Auto Repair Port Washington
"Thank you very much for your excellent service. We have logged increased traffic to our Web site thanks to Referral Blast."
~ Achal Madhavan, Director
Vedams Books
"Our E-commerce business grows through getting word-of-mouth traffic to our site. Referral Blast was a cost-effective alternative for us that has proven even better than banner ads, and has yielded an exponential ROI."
~ Bryan Franklin, President & CEO
Mad Voice Communications

"I got all my Flash A Friend pages coded... tested and works like a charm. It is so neat to see the notices in my mail when folks send out one of my cards. For me, this will be great in letting me know which kind of cards are most popular... then those will be the ones I will do more of.

You've got a customer for life! I love it!! Love it!!"

~ Glenda D., Web Site Owner
Dock in NY
"As a Natural Health Practitioner, I am constantly doing double-time just to keep up with clientele, supplement orders, and maintain my website. When searching for ways to increase traffic, I found the "Send this page to a friend" concept compelling and began researching various viral marketing services on the internet. I chose Referral Blast due to its good reviews and highly professional packages you offer. The others looked gimmicky and 'amateurish', and that is not the image I want to present to my visitors. Thank you for a quality product and an effective way to promote my Web site!"
~ Dr. Linda Hadley, N.D., D.Sc., Ph.D
Natural Health Clinic, Inc.
"Referral Blast has been invaluable in bringing new members to TravelChums. It's a snap to install and makes it so easy for people who have found our site to be useful to let their friends and acquaintances know about it."
~ Dorlene Kaplan, Webmaster
Travel Chums Travel Service

"Thank you so much for your excellent technical support. As a
do-it-yourself website builder I really appreciate the time you took to help
get my Referral Blast up and running. From firsthand experience I know that most companies do not provide the kind of personal technical support that I received from Referral Blast.
Thank you again. I am really excited about this new website feature."

~ Mysty Cain, Website Builder
Capacity Living, Inc.

"Thanks - your response/service is excellent!"

~ Peter Cox, CEO
Redhammer Management


"I needed help and was surprised to get support after normal hours. Thanks for the great support. I am not a computer programmer or web designer and Referral Blast is running smoothly."

~ Eric Silver, Owner
Blue Ridge Artist Materials


Thanks Steve, the flow seems to be working great! Great job for you and your team."

~ Angel Torres, Webmaster


When we began looking for a referral service one of our top priorities was finding a company that had great customer service and accessibility. After hours of due diligence, we concluded that Referral Blast was the best possible choice. Your customer service and creativity exceeded all of our expectations. All in all, we would recommend your service to any company seeking the very best at an affordable price. Thank you Referral Blast!
~ Malcolm and Suzette Hayes, Owners


Dear Referral Blast,

First of all, Referral Blast truly works. I had doubted it at first, but my stats are up like crazy! Your service is magnificent!!!! If you need a blurb of support, I will GLADLY write one for you. Just let me know. In fact, when I first read those commendation letters at your site I said, "Oh, yea...RIGHT!" But *boy* it was *not long* before I started seeing REAL results.

Before installing Referral Blast, my daily *actual* visits were hovering around 200 *actual* visits per day *at most.* Since installing Referral Blast my daily visits have gone up to as much as 488 visitors. It's now back down to 300, but that's because I have a specialty topic that peaks during Easter week. Easter week has ended, so the stats have gone down.

But the *result* of Easter week is that the new visitors that I got during Easter week are, no doubt, using Referral Blast!!! So I suspect that my statistics *will not* go back down, and will remain around 300 visitors per day, and maybe even soon level off at 400. I always thought these kind of commendation letters were corny. Now I find myself forced to write one!! :-)

A. Salahuddin


To Whom It May Concern:

I have been involved with the internet side of business for Econo Lodge for the past two years and have been trying to find a service such as yours that would yield such a quick positive turnaround for our Web site.  I will recommend your service to anyone looking to promote their site! Again thank you for everything and for patiently answering my questions.

I look forward to a long-lasting relationship with your company.

Sincerely Yours,
S. Patel
Econo Lodge


To Whom It May Concern:

During the course of building our Web site, a friend of mine strongly recommended that we get Referral Blast to help bring more traffic to our site (our new site features a breakthrough product for Diabetes). My friend owns and operates three successful Web sites and all three sites have the Referral Blast service. He told me that Referral Blast had greatly contributed to the success of his first site, so he got it for the other two. Then all three sites were doing well with it, so I thought I'd try it out myself.

I came to the Referral Blast site “pre-sold"; my buying decision had already been made based on my friend's recommendation. Now I'm happy to report that the same thing is happening at my own site! I am extremely pleased with the number of people who use the Referral Button at my site and send their friends and family our way, on a daily basis. It is powerful to know that many of those people also come to my site "pre-sold", based on the reference. Referral Blast takes the time tested and effective principle of word-of-mouth advertising and makes it work on the web. I also appreciate the simplicity of the Referral Blast setup process as I was able to get it on our site, myself (and I am not a technical person), surprisingly quickly.

Thanks for giving me the final piece of the puzzle that helped bring together a successful site! Web site owners that do not have it are truly missing out!

Yours Truly,
Beverly Lewis, Director
Flourish Nutrition


Dear Referral Blast Group:

We got referral blast set up and we're getting orders already! I would recommend Referral Blast Pro to anyone looking for a simple, low cost internet marketing tool that actually works. It took minutes to set up, and in the first six hours we received 14 referrals which resulted in $200 in sales. Referral Blast paid for itself the first day we put it to use!

Douglas Canning,
President & CEO
Dirtbag Clothing Inc.


Dear Referral Blast:

As an online retailer we understand that word of mouth referrals are an integral component for continued growth. Referral Blast provides a convenient way for our customers to share with friends and family their experience with our company. The visitors we receive from the referrals converts better than any other advertising we have encountered.

We recently upgraded to the custom version and have been very happy with the assistance the Referral Blast Staff has provided. The company is quick to answer questions and provides quality support. We truly appreciate your service.

Kyle Smith, Co-Owner
Pacific Ink, Inc.

"Within days of adding Referral Blast, I began to receive email notifications indicating that people were recommending my site. Within weeks, the traffic became overwhelming. Word of mouth!"
~ Alan Caruba, Editor, The Caruba Organization
"You know that we're always looking for a new, hot tool of the month... we are now singing the praises of one of the best website traffic generating tools we've found in years!"
~ Jim Paris, Technical Editor, NetListings
"While many netrepreneurs sit back and rely on the kindness of their site visitors to spread their URL around, you can have the competitive edge with Referral Blast."
~ Robyn Greenspan, Editor, ecommerce-guide


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