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We're pleased to offer the versions of Referral Blast most popular with top marketing professionals:

Allows visitors to quickly and easily send your site to many like-minded friends and associates in one easy step thereby delivering targeted word-of-mouth traffic. You determine the page to which the referral recipients are sent.
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Includes all Referral Blast PRO features plus Webpage-Tracking. Webpage-Tracking allows the referrer to send the page on which they clicked the "Send this Page" button. Disabling Webpage-Tracking sends referred individuals to the page you have predetermined.
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Builds on the strength of previous Referral Blast versions plus these benefits:

* Referral Blast windows, button and elements of the invitation email are custom designed and programmed to your specifications by our professional developers (choose to have us handle everything and/or send us your materials).

* Free Referral Marketing Support. Work one-on-one with a referral marketing specialist to plan, develop, execute and follow-through the ideal referral marketing solution for your website, for the life of your campaign. We're serious about making your service a success and are dedicated to helping you build consistent, solid traffic levels.

* Detailed Referral Reporting for historical and live referral stats including a comma-delimited format for importing into spreadsheets and databases (e.g. Excel, SQL, Access, etc.)

* Incentive-Capable. Provide an incentive to further motivate your visitors to refer their friends. After the referral, a customized email can be sent to both referrer and referral recipients (i.e. friends) informing them of their reward (e.g. sweepstakes entries, web coupons, prize giveaways, etc.).

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Includes all Referral Blast Custom features above, plus:

* Webpage-Tracking: Referral recipients (i.e. friends) are sent the exact webpage where your visitor clicked your Referral Blast button/link.

* Webpage-Routing: Referral recipients are sent the page of your choice based on where your visitor clicked your Referral Blast button/link. Multiple routes can be predefined for maximum control over what pages are sent to referral recipients (i.e. friends).

* Enhanced Incentive Functionality. Referral Blast can integrate with your website at different points and on different pages with very little effort on your part. Reward the original referrer if a referred friend carries out a specific action at your site (e.g. places an order, registers, opts-in for your newsletter, lands on a particular page, etc.). Customized emails can also be sent to referrer and referred friend(s) based on your unique program requirements. Incentive reporting will keep you informed of all referral activity, redemptions and other details. The entire process is automated, completely turnkey and requires little to no maintenance on your part.

* Selectable Incentives - Offer the referrer several incentives from which to choose for better targeting and higher referral response rates.

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"We've been using the Referral Blast service for almost 2 months now and we are extremely happy with what it's producing. Thanks for all of your work in helping to make this service a success on our web site."

~ Mez Djouadi, Webmaster, Media Research Center

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