Referral Blast Custom allows your visitors to quickly and easily send your site to like-minded friends, family and co-workers for true, targeted word of mouth website traffic. Included free-of-charge is customization of your Referral Blast interface windows by our professional designers (or choose to do it yourself), a detailed Referral Reporting Area for historical and up-to-the-minute referral activity, and Incentive marketing functionality to reward visitors for making referrals (e.g. entry into sweepstakes, drawings, coupons, etc.) for optimum marketing effectiveness (Incentive functionality is included free-of-charge and can be enabled or disabled at any time).


* Complete Customization of Your Referral Blast Interface Windows, Email Invitation and Functionality by Trained Marketing Professionals
For tight co-branding, professional appearance, and functionality desired, our professional designers and programmers will design and code your Referral Blast Custom interface windows to complement your website's look-and-feel. This can include the incorporation of your site's color scheme, logo, images, photos and other creatives. A dedicated Referral Blast Customization Specialist will work with you to determine the best possible way to increase targeted traffic for your website and arrange the customization procedure (this is normally handled within a 24-hour period). During the setup process, you can choose to use your own design layout or have our professional designers handle everything; either way there's no extra charge. Additionally, with Referral Blast Custom your email invitation can be any length and its layout formatted as you like.

* Web Marketing Enhancements and Detailed Referral Reporting Area
Find out who's coming to your site, who they're inviting and what they're saying about it. Referral Blast Custom includes a powerful password-protected Referral Reporting Area for you to view and export daily and up-to-the-minute detailed statistics including key information such as opens, referral time, date, sender name and email address, sender i.p., sender Session ID, sender comments and recipient email addresses. Plus, view your referral activity in three different ways: Live Daily Log, Monthly Cumulative Log, and Data Log (in a comma-delimited format). You can also choose to receive email duplicates of all email invitations originated by your Web visitors.

* Incentive Program Functionality
Many successful Web entrepreneurs have been using Referral Blast Custom to run contests, sweepstakes and other incentive programs and are bringing even more targeted traffic to their sites. With Referral Blast Custom, you can run these same incentive programs and reward visitors per-person-referred or for a minimum number of people referred. Some examples include:,  Referral Blast and All-Ink (more examples at

* Adjustable Referral Blast Interface Window Size and Form-Field Layout (e.g. horizontal, vertical, etc.)

* Selectable Amount of Email Address Referral Fields

* See It Working - Choose to be notified every time someone uses Referral Blast at your site. Get results, fast.

* AOL Friendly - Referral Blast's exclusive AOL-detection technology ensures optimum compatibility with the world's largest ISP, resulting in more traffic to your site.

* Trustworthy, Dependable Service - Referral Blast is trusted and endorsed by numerous popular and famous websites worldwide. Go with the most reputable name in referral marketing.

* Get the Competitive Edge - Sites not using Referral Blast watch visitors just come and go. With Referral Blast, make the most of each visitor and compete with larger, more popular websites.

* Maintain Your Site's Good Image - Referral Blast is ad-free, gimmick-free, harvest-free and spam-free. Small and large websites trust Referral Blast for their website promotion needs.

* Save Time and Money - Why hassle with messy scripts and server configurations? Instead, Referral Blast handles everything for you and there's no software to download or install. Setup takes an average of 10 minutes or less!

* Keep Visitors at Your Site - Opens in a separate, smaller window so that visitors are not removed from your Web page.

* Visitors Will Thank You - Visitors want an easy way to spread the word about a great website. Make it easy for them while increasing your traffic.

* Exponential Promotion - Word of mouth is the currency of the Internet. Every hour countless emails move around the world sharing a joke, recommending a product or service, or saying "go visit this site". Referral Blast seeds and accelerates this cycle automatically.

* Unlimited Web Promotion Uses - Referral Blast can also be used in newsletters, emails, e-zines, etc. for even more targeted traffic.

* Finally Relax - Sit back and let Referral Blast do the work of promoting your site. In this day and age websites need all the help they can get to avoid becoming the next 'dot-bomb'.

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