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When people click your Referral Blast "Refer-a-Friend" (or "Send This Page", "Email This Product", etc.) button from a page on your website, a small form appears requesting up to 10 email addresses of friends, family members and associates (since this is a new smaller window that opens, visitors are not removed from your website).  Upon form submittal, referral invitations are immediately emailed and you are notified of this activity along with details of the referral activity (date and time, sender, number of referrals, etc.).

Next: How Referral Invitations Are Received
Referral invitations are received by the friends via email, and for maximum response rates are in plain-text (plain-text is compatible with virtually all email programs. However, if graphics-rich email (or "HTML email") is desired this can be arranged with the custom versions of Referral Blast). For even greater response rates, Referral Blast formats the referral email a bit differently for AOL recipients in order to improve readability and deliver a live hyperlink back to your webpage. Finally, for all referal recipients Referral Blast auto-corrects 99% of common referrer typos. That way, most typos won't result in lost valuable referrals.

Finally: The Referral Invitation

Email Subject Line
Reads, "<referrer name> wants you to visit <your site's name>"
(Having the referrer's name in the subject line qualifies the email so that it is noticed and taken seriously.  Since it is from a friend, family member or associate, the recipient values it and goes to the recommended site.  This increases the effectiveness of recommendations to your site and brings you qualified, targeted visitors.)

Email Message Body
Line 1: "<Referrer Name> would like you to visit the website of <your site's name>" at: <your site's homepage URL or specific page> (this is an active clickable hyperlink)
Line 2: Custom ad copy or description of your site.
Line 3: Any personal comments left by referrer for friend.

Sometimes, the best way to understand something is to try some working examples. Feel free to go through the referral process using your own email address as the friend (referral recipient), then check your email a few moments later for the referral invitation.

Typical Referral Blast Uses:

  • Bring traffic to your home page ("Recommend This Site")
  • Bring traffic to specific pages ("Email-This-Page")
  • Virally promote written articles ("Send-This-Article")
  • Promote newsletters ("Forward-This-Newsletter")
  • Product promotion ("Tell-A-Friend About This Product")
  • Increase member registrations by rewarding existing members when they refer friends who sign-up
  • Increase newsletter subscriptions by allowing referral recipients to opt-in to your newsletter
  • Reward visitors who send your site to their friends (incentive functionality)
  • Increase traffic to blogs
  • Bring more viewers/listeners to pages with video clips, audio presentations, Podcasts and broadcasts
  • More

Maintain Your Site's Good Image with Responsible Promotion
Referral Blast is used worldwide by famous companies because it's trusted, reliable, professional and has a strong Privacy Policy.

Built-in Abuse Protection, Hack Prevention, and Spam-Blocking
Just as your computer's operating system and anti-virus software are continually updated in order to protect you from the latest threats and viruses, so is Referral Blast. Our abuse protection code has evolved over the years and continues to evolve to protect our customers from spam and form abuse, service-interruptions and other threats. Our proprietary Spam-Blocker includes lists of known malicious individuals and entities, IP addresses, bots, and detects malicious patterns in order to prevent abuse to Referral Blast's network. All of this works in the background so the referral process remains uninterrupted and usage levels remain high.


"We are now singing the praises of one of the best website traffic generating tools we've found in years!"

~ Jim Paris, Technical Editor

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