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Using Referral Blast to Increase Website Traffic
Referral Blast is a referral mechanism for your website that encourages and makes it easy for visitors to send your website pages (e.g. home page, product pages, article pages) to many people they know in one easy step. In doing so, website awareness is created as well as the potential for continuous cycles of targeted word-of-mouth traffic.

Why Word of Mouth Marketing Works With Referral Blast
Marketing professionals know that no advertising medium is as powerful or effective as word of mouth. Referral Blast allows you to easily leverage this phenomena with a referral tool that is customizable, professional in appearance and easy for visitors to use. And with certain versions, incentives and reward programs can be added in order to increase referrals as well as purchase and lead conversions.

A Trusted Website Promotion Tool
Referral Blast is free of advertising or gimmicks of any kind. You can be assured that user data is never harvested, sold or used in any type of SPAM activity.

Referral Blast Versions:
Referral Blast PRO and Referral Blast PRO Enhanced — Effective entry-level solutions for immediate deployment.

Referral Blast Custom and Referral Blast Custom Enhanced — Complete custom solutions for those wanting a more sophisticated referral system including custom form design, incentive/reward handling and conversion reporting.

Features and Benefits
Immediate Results - Choose to get referral details whenever traffic is sent your way.
Gimmick-Free -Trusted by famous companies because it's reliable and professional.
SPAM / Hack / Abuse Protection - Constantly-evolving code keeps your service safe from malicious users, SPAM bots and abusive scripts.
Email Auto-Correction - Corrects referrer typos so more referrals go through—all without interrupting the referral process.

Save Money and Time - Requires no costly development on your site. Start collecting referrals today.

Keep Visitors at Your Site - Opens in a separate window so visitors don't leave your site.
Build Loyalty - Reward visitors for recommending your site and keep them coming back.
Exponential Traffic - Start a viral cycle to increase targeted traffic and website visibility.
Unlimited Uses - For websites, newsletters, articles, blogs, videos and more.

Referral Blast Versions / Ordering Information
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